Trick to Convert Internet Download Manager (IDM) Trial into Full Version Free

Internet Download Manager (IDM) v. 6.07 is the best download manager software at this time. The software can be easier for us to download files on the internet, for example, when we were watching a video on Youtube, the video that we are witnessing can be downloaded directly through this IDM program, this software also has the stability to download the file, with a resume and pause features, and can accelerate the download process.

You can download this software from the official website at the address:
www. or click here >>

However, this IDM 6.07 is paid software. So, if you download directly from its official website will be given 30-day trial, and after the trial period runs out you must purchase a license of the software is expensive with a hefty price. For that, I will give you a way how to make a trial IDM is a full version, here is the steps ....

If you already installed on your computer and the trialnya IDM software is up then it will appear warning that you must purchase a license this software to be able to use it again.

To make it a full version, then there must be a special way to handle it. The first step is to open the IDM program, if there are no shortcuts on the desktop, you must open it from the IDM installation folder and it usually is on drive C: / Program Files / InternetDownloadManager, after IDM window opens, select the menu download and click option!

Once the options window opens, select the Dial Up tab and uncheck the checkbox Use Windows Dial Up Networking, then click OK.

Once the window opens to enter the serial number, enter your full name, eg, TOM on First Name, and Last Name column RIDER , then enter your email address, and the most important is the serial number. Enter the code: 76JYH LX2HH-BWU14-V9AEG on the serial number column, but at the time of filling serial number, an Internet connection you have to be turned off first. This prevents the IDM to validate them online via the internet.

Then click OK, then open the IDM program. Then the software IDM (Internet Download Manager) on your computer will be a full version. Good luck!


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